“This is a country suffering from war and depression. On daily basis, you can see how our people are sad because of the things that are happening and we are thinking that how can we eliminate this depression. I have seeked advice, and people have told me to pray and read Quran and you will be fine.

Two years ago, I was present during an attack that happened in Kabul. I went very paranoid I would see blood, and bodies and felt completely lost.

Suffering from PSDS. Then I came across this poem by Rumi: “if you seek God, seek him within yourself”. And it helped it and it made me to meet a lot of people, who are also interested in him.

Anyone can relate to his writings. He wouldn’t relate one story only to one things, he would write it generally and relate it to everyone. Everybody relate to it differently and has a different take on how they perceive his sayings. Personally when I read a piece, and I come back to it again, I feel like I have not read it before.

I did not know much about Rumi till I was in 11th or 12th grade that Mauwlana Mohammad Jalaludin Balkhi; also referred as Rumi and that some claim he is from Balkh some claim he is from Turkey. And he has been beyond borders. That if there are Christians or muslims, all of people read him. I read more about his life story and got to know that he has transcended beyond borders. Some people really focus on how he is from Afghanistan but if you go deeper in to the philosophy of him, you would see that himself insist to not be proud of such things.”