“I was getting up everyday by the voice of my grandfather who was reading poems very loud every morning, and I used to get mad. And my father would always complain that he would make the neighbours mad.

But these small challenging parts of the daily routine helped him grow. I am a life coach and we are living in a society where people do not know about life coaching. But, Mauwlana, when you read him, I see him as a figure who was there to solve the problems of the people.

I was like “wow!” we have a source in Afghanistan, I don’t need to follow anybody else. I loved it. I loved the theories of the West as well, but then I got to know Mauwlana and how a problem is the beauty of life. How the challenges make life, and you can find these themes in Mauwlanas poems!

When I was 13 years old, heard the poem ”Baza baza har anche hasty baza”, it was read in the tv station. I never forget that when I heard this, I became so relaxed. That day I know there was something going on.”

“Baza baza har anche hasty baza”, means whatever you go through come again.  I use this in my life. It helps us to go deep about life.